IP: 7days.thecollectiveofaveragegamers.com

Port: 26943

Server Name : Dawn of the CoAG

Password: CoAG4life


  • Download the PREFAB file.
  • Open your 7D2D install.
  • Now take the prefab downloaded above and unzip it.
  • Drag and drop the PREFAB folder into the DATA folder of your 7D2D install.
  • Now simply connect to the server via the IP or the Server listing with the name above. Password is also above.


  • Game difficulty: 2
  • XP multiplier: 125%
  • Day/Night cycle is every 90 real world minutes.
  • Drop on death: you will only drop you backpack but keep your tool belt (hot bar).
  • Bed roll dead zone: 40 blocks (zombies wont spawn within 40 blocks of your bed roll).
  • Loot respawn: 7 days
  • Air drops : 24 hours and will be marked on map
  • Max number of land claim blocks: 2
  • Cover size is 50 blocks


  • Night : Normal zombies will only jog rather than sprint, ferals and special zombies will still sprint
  • Blood moon hordes : the zombie count per player currently is 32 zombies on horde nights